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Sound-Quality / Watermark

Most of the sound files on this site are watermarked with the words "Whisper Audio" spoken at 10-12 second intervals throughout.  These watermarks are not present in the deliverable files (those which you actually download).  They are only present in the preview files (those which you preview within the site) to deter would-be pirates from stealing the audio without buying it.

When you purchase and download audio, it is free of the watermark.  It is also a higher quality:

  • WAV file (Windows PCM)
  • 44.1khz
  • 16-bit
  • stereo

This is the raw, high-quality specification of audio CDs.  If you want to convert to a lesser-spec file, like an MP3, you can do so using an MP3 encoder programme such as Adobe Audition, or just Google "MP3 encoder" to download one of the many free programmes.

Some of the preview audio on this site is not watermarked.  In stead it is just encoded at a low-fidelity (in other words, it has a deliberately bad sound quality).  We normally use this method of piracy-protection only for very short sound effects, which a spoken watermark would otherwise mask.

When you actually purchase and download these sounds, what you download are original, high-fidelity files, without a watermark.

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