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The purchase-and-download process is very quick and easy.

Literally-speaking (and confusingly), you don't actually purchase audio from Whisper Audio.  You purchase a license from Whisper Audio, which permits you to download the audio and use it according to certain criteria.  The license you purchase is "Rights Managed".

Your Rights Managed license is a contract between two entities (Whisper Audio - the licensor - and you - the licensee).  It governs the rights to use the audio content.  The term "Rights Managed" means that Whisper Audio - the seller of the license - is specifically giving permission to you - the buyer - to use the content in a certain way. This includes restrictions on the medium and the location of use.  The more flexible, or beneficial rights one purchases (generally-speaking, the greater the perceived audience), the more expensive the license.

If you use the content only for the use for which the license permits (in other words, you do not break the law), your license is also a Royalty-free license.  The term "Royalty Free" means that once the content is licensed under a set of guidelines, the licensee is free to use it (within those guidelines) in perpetuity without paying additional royalty charges.  Within the licensed usage rights, your material (in this case digitally recorded sound such as music, sound effects and voice over recordings) may be used for profit, without paying further royalties.  Our royalty-free media is thus acquired for a 'one time only' fee.

However, should you wish to use the content for any usage outside of the purchased Rights Managed license, you are legally obliged to purchase a separate Rights-Managed agreement from Whisper Audio, specific to the new end-use.  (You cannot, for example, download audio under one of the "non-broadcast" Rights Managed licenses, then use the audio for a television commercial).

Follow this link to read our End User License Agreement.


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