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Royalty-free Music For All Media.

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Royalty-free music for all media. Preview and download now.

Welcome to the #1 source for royalty-free music and sound effects. Please use the menus above (eg. Music > Soft Background), or use the "Search Audio" box (above-right). Refine your search by "loops" and "length". Click "Family" next to a track for alternative versions of it.

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New Uploads

  Love Chills $  
  Mayfield's Mood - ... $  
  Mayfield's Mood - ... $  
  Country Disco - lo... $  
  Waiting for the Sp... $  
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Music: Corporate

Featured tracks from the Corporate music genre.

  Power From: $  
  Cosmic News From: $  
  Living Sp... From: $  
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Music: Soft background

A selection of some of our soft background music.

  Arrivale From: $  
  Watershed... From: $  
  Waiting f... From: $  
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Sound Effects: Human

Some featured examples of the human sound effects.

  Applause ... From: $2.45  
  Shout / Yelp 7 From: $2.45  
  Cough From: $2.45  
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Music: Hip-Hop / Rap

Featured tracks from our range of hip-hop and rap music.

  Always li... From: $  
  Futuristi... From: $  
  Another E... From: $  
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Music: Techno / Dance / Disco

Some featured tracks from the techno and dance music selection.

  You're no... From: $  
  Electro P... From: $  
  Robo-teacher From: $  
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Music: Ident / Stinger

Some featured idents and stingers from this genre.

  Wonder 6 From: $  
  Power New... From: $  
  Polar piano 2 From: $  
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The WAV files above demonstrate a few of the royalty free music styles available here - including but by no means limited to... live bands, acoustic instrumentals, classical music and techno music.  Whether you want a rich orchestral sonata for the background music of a business presentation, the live sound of an alternative punk band, slick drum 'n' bass dance music for a web promo, or elegant piano music for telephone music on-hold, it's easy to quickly search, preview and download royalty free audio files.

Sound Effects

We strive to offer an extensive range of sound effects with price tags to suit even the most price-conscious producer.  With an ever-growing selection of outdoors, indoor, and human sound effects, we hope to meet all your sound effect needs.  If we are missing something, drop us an email and it will help us to build the collection of royalty free sounds you need.

Sound Design

In addition to high-quality royalty-free (downloadable stock) music , Whisper Audio's studio provides a custom sound design service. We work for Fortune 500 and FTSE-100 listed companies.  The sound-design and custom music composition pages demo custom work for radio spot, tv commercial, online game, corporate video and more. Whether a subtle background track for a voice over presentation, an upbeat commercial, or a sound-effect heavy cut-scene...; with several top composers including specialists in classical music, choral (choir) arrangement and performance, live instrumental musicians, bands, techno / dance music producers, composers and more; Whisper Audio is well equipped to deliver the right custom audio solution for you, ensuring your project gets what it deserves.

Music for Web Site

Whisper Audio has many years of experience in music for web site and music for web page services - for an individual web page and for a whole site.   We will embed any of our royalty free music, sound effects and custom audio into your whole site or just one web page.  If you are interested in our web site audio services, contact us now for more information and to discuss your particular web page music requirements.

Music Loops

For music on hold, banner ads, background web page music, many of our royalty free music tracks have been grouped into component sections (or "Families") of audio - stabs, intros, outros and music loops - all derived from the same full-length royalty free music track.  Select a music Genre, then refine your Search with "Loop".  Alternatively, when you find a longer track you like, click the "Family" name, and instantly listen to all the components in that family group.


Are you an unsigned band, composer or recording artist?  Earn money from the sale of your original, royalty-free music and sound effects.  With real-time sales-monitoring and quarterly payments, Whisper Audio offers you a no-cost route to realising an income from your work.

Apply to sign-up as an Artist.

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